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Wild Days at the University of San Francisco

by Courtney Quirin

Yesterday WildAid joined the Earth-loving, eco-friendly community at the University of San Francisco’s Earth Day extravaganza.


All walks of life were present - from WildAid and the Rainforest Action Network to student-run farming groups and a band whose amps were powered by pedal power.

We were pleased to capture the attention of many students, who were curious about our approaches to reach the masses and reduce consumer demand for illegal wildlife products. Many design students were especially happy to learn how they could put their artistic talents to a meaningful cause.


Our marine program in the Galapagos also received a lot of attention and our Whale Shark Trip sparked the interests of many students—unfortunately most student budgets don’t leave enough room for swimming with 300 whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

But even if they couldn’t attend, most students asked, “How can I get involved?” One of many of our answers was, “Host your own Wild Night!” 

Overall, Earth Day at the University of San Francisco was a success. Students learned about the power of the consumer in ending the illegal wildlife trade and were inspired to spread the word.

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