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WildAid Conducts Galapagos Training Workshop

WildAid recently partnered with World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International to conduct a five day workshop aimed at improving the control and effectiveness of the Galapagos National Park Service (GNPS).

The workshop was administered by Harkcon, a leader in organizational and workforce management, and included special guests such as Coco Islands National Park Wardens, the Costa Rica Coast Guard, and Ecuador Undersecretary of Fisheries Officials. 


The training was divided into two courses: Control Center Operations and Surveillance, Detection, Interdiction & Boarding. Courses applied a mix of theory and practical application of concepts and use of equipment.

WildAid worked with the GNPS Legal Department to improve crime scene investigation techniques and case report writing. The training also included five mock boat boardings utilizing both illegal fishing and tourism violation scenarios in order to improve the GNPS' overall effectiveness in handling these real life situations. 


In addition to hands on training, the courses also covered many topics, a few of which included: Search and Rescue Procedures, Providing First Aid in the Field, Personal Safety, Patrolling Techniques and Small Boat Operations, Use of Digital Video Cameras, Boat Boarding Equipment Training, and Crime Scene Best Practices. 

The trainings are part of an ongoing capacity building process initiated in August 2010 with funds raised from the Mission Blue Initiative. 


Since 1998, WildAid has worked in the Galapagos to support the GNPS in the intensive task of managing and protecting the newly created Marine Protected Area (MPA). WildAid has developed a comprehensive enforcement model and operational program focusing on the law enforcement chain, which encompasses the activities of detection, interception/arrest, prosecution, and sanction.

These intensive training workshops go a long way in ensuring our protection and enforcement programs and partners on the ground are as supported, effective, and efficient as possible.