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China is the largest consumer of endangered wildlife parts and products. The already unsustainable Chinese market for many wildlife species is growing. Current projections suggest that around 250 million new Chinese “middle class” consumers will enter the market over the next decade.  The combination of old customs and traditions (culinary, medicinal, etc.) with new money, conspicuous consumption and powerful new aspirations are driving a massive expansion in the use of wildlife parts and products in China.

Our unrivaled network of pro-bono media partners, built up over the past decade, now reaches up to one billion people each week in China.  Central to our delivery is the ability to target key elite decision-makers and opinion-formers including government officials and agencies, media organizations, businesses and leading executives, celebrity audiences, and wealthy urban consumers. Noting the specifics of China’s societal and political structures, we believe these audiences can achieve a dramatic and permanent shift in the global demand for illegal wildlife products.