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In Indonesia WildAid is focused on marine protected area enforcement in Southern Raja Ampat, West Papua.  Raja Ampat is located in the center of an area known as the Coral Triangle.  It has been estimated that Raja Ampat is home to the highest concentration of fish and coral biodiversity found anywhere in the world. The area is geographically isolated and surrounded by open seas, creating an oasis for pelagic fish. The islands of Daram have long beaches, making them ideal turtle nesting areas. The threats facing the area include overfishing by foreigners, destructive fishing practices, turtle/turtle egg harvesting, shark finning, and coral bleaching. They levy extreme damage to the reef systems with net fishing, live reef-fish trade, and even dynamite fishing.

In response, WildAid has been working with Coral Reef Alliance, the Misool Eco Resort and the Misool Conservation Centre to develop a functional ranger patrol.  The locally staffed ranger patrol operates 24 hours a day and patrol the 425 sq kms No-Take Zone.   The No-Take Zone prohibits removal of anything in the sea including fish, shark fin, sea turtles, shells and sea turtle eggs. WildAid assisted in funding a dedicated speed boat and other necessary equipment for rangers.  Rangers work in cooperation with local police enforcing the operators’ code of conduct.  The operators' code of conduct includes no anchoring within 60 meters of the reef, no anchoring on the reef, and no littering on the beaches.  We are also assisting and supporting efforts to expand the radius of the no-take zone, creating a no-take corridor to connect the Raja Ampat Islands and the Daram Islands.  We hope to establish the Daram Marine Reserve.