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Film Synopsis

When a person buys an item made of ivory in a market in China, it is quite possible that they are actually funding the next major terrorist attack somewhere in the world; based on strong evidence linking the illegal ivory trade to some of the most notorious terrorist groups in Africa. And it is certain that they are complicit in the illegal slaughter of elephants-- which face imminent extinction in the wild if the demand for ivory in China and elsewhere is not curbed.

Film Credits

DirectorKathryn Bigelow
WriterScott Z. Burns
ProducersKathryn Bigelow
 Megan Ellison
 Sandra Rabins
Executive ProducerHoward G. Buffett
Concept/Production DesignerSamuel Michlap
Sound DesignerPaul N.J. Ottosson
Head of LayoutLorenzo Martinez
Background PainterTommy Kim
Story ArtistsSimon Wells
 Rex Grignon
 Cameron Hood
 Larry Leker
 David Lux
 Kris Pearn
 Chris Suave
EditorsJames Ryan
 Mike Andrews
Assistant EditorsJacqueline Karambelas
 Erika Scopelli
Assistant Sound DesignerRyan Juggler 
Production ManagerSascha Sudikoff
Ken Duncan Studios 
Studio SupervisorKen Duncan
Production MangerCharlene Kelly
AnimatorVince Gorman
CompositorRyan Langeiler
 Jason Stovall
Production AssistantShawn Eddie
Studio CoordinatorDebbie Foster
FinanceElizabeth Molholt
ProducerPaul Rollens
Associate ProducerAmy Hwang
Art DirectorChristopher Salamat
Motion Graphics DesignersOscar Garcia
 Janelle Ricci
Footage/Images courtesy ofCorbis Motion
 ITN Source/Reuters
Special ThanksAnnnapurna Pictures
 Nick Brandt
 Matthew Budman
 Swati Kapadia
 Jeffrey Katzenberg
 Michael Kives
 Peter Knights
 Jayme Lavoie
 Jeffrey Rosen
 Brian Siberell
 Katherine Sutton

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