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Actress Bo Derek in Toronto to Launch Campaign Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

Actress Bo Derek is in Toronto to launch WildAid Canada. WildAid is a leading force in combating the multi-billion dollarinternational trade in illegal wildlife products. Ms. Derek has been involvedin this issue for several years serving as a US State Department specialenvoy.

This issue made headlines in March with 3 Ontario men being charged with34 violations of Ontario law in a smuggling operation that included easternmassasauga rattlesnakes and spotted turtles.

WildAid Canada has become active in both national and internationalefforts to combat wildlife trade. In Canada, WildAid Canada is fighting forstrengthened efforts against poaching and the shark fin trade.Internationally, WildAid Canada is working in cooperation with projects inChina, Indonesia and the Galapagos Islands.

"Recent news stories have shown that the illegal wildlife trade is amajor problem here in Toronto," said Ms. Derek. "WildAid will be leading thefight to combat the trade in both native and non-native species."

"WildAid's unique focus concentrates both the need for enforcement andefforts to lower demand for endangered species," added Pete Knights, WildAid'sExecutive Director. "We hope that Canada can become a leading force in theefforts to eliminate this destructive practice."

Ms. Derek and WildAid Executive Director Peter Knights will be availablefor comment.

For information, video, materials or toschedule an interview, please contact:

Rob Sinclair

WildAid Canada

(416) 890-5616