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BLOG: Shark No Fly Zone

From Peter Knights:

I received an email this morning from a friend, conservationist, and photographer, Alex Hofford of MyOcean, telling me that another airline announced it would no longer carry shark fins as cargo! Alex is based in Hong Kong, the shark fin capital of the world and has been busily getting the word out about disrupting the shark fin supply chain; experiencing quite a few successes this year.

So far, Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Qantas have announced blanket bans, while others have limited the trade. Today, Emirates SkyCargo posted on their website that they would also join this list of wildlife conservation minded airlines. (NOTE: Emirates had decided to no longer ship shark fins in June, however it was not until today that they posted their statement online.)

I applaud Alex and the airlines that decided to no longer carry shark fins. When we did this with airlines carrying wild birds for the pet trade, we had over 150 airlines join the campaign and it greatly reduced the trade.

Here are several airlines that continue to carry shark fin cargo. Please help us bring a stop to these shipments by contacting any or all of these airlines and voicing your opposition to transporting shark fins.

Air France

Air India

Garuda Indonesia