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Gabon breaks ivory syndicate as countries ban trade and prices fall

Officials in Gabon today announced the arrest of the West African country’s biggest ivory trafficking kingpin and his eight-member criminal syndicate. The operation was the result of a two-year inter-ministry investigation in collaboration with Interpol and France, and comes just weeks after China and Vietnam banned all ivory sales.

Don Gerard V Sentenced in Galapagos

Galapagos Park Rangers conduct official inventory of the Don Gerard V.

Yesterday Galapagos National Park announced the successful sentencing of the captain and crew of the Don Gerard V, an Ecuadorian fishing vessel caught illegally transporting sharks and other protected species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve in December.

"The Ivory Trap" Film Premieres in Uganda

Celebrated Ugandan film director Isaac Nabwana's latest feature exposes the violence and corruption associated with wildlife poaching and trafficking.

"The Ivory Trap" premiered at a community screening in late December to an audience of 500 Ugandans. Before projecting the film, Nabwana gave remarks about the threat of poaching, and the economic benefits that come from nature tourism.

WildAid works to reduce demand for ivory and shark fin in Thailand

Thailand remains a significant market and transit country for elephant ivory and shark fin. During 2017, WildAid worked to reduce demand and to strengthen enforcement on ivory and shark fin through public education and awareness campaigns as well as policymaker outreach efforts.

Yao Ming and WildAid inform Chinese consumers that buying ivory is now illegal

The greatest single step toward reducing elephant poaching will come into effect on Sunday when it will be illegal to buy or sell ivory in China. The country was once the world's largest market for illicit ivory, and a major driver of rampant elephant poaching in Africa.

"We can start 2018 hopeful that elephants will be safer now that China has banned commercial ivory sales. Prices are down and law enforcement efforts in many parts of Africa and Asia are much improved," said WildAid CEO Peter Knights.