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Fighting the Ivory Trade, 365 Days a Year

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It's a simple, grim fact: Up to 33,000 elephants are killed each year to satisfy the demand for ivory products in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States and other major markets.  

WildAid is working to end the ivory trade and protect elephants. With your support, here's what we're doing to fight for Africa's elephants, 365 days a year:


1. Exposing illicit ivory markets.


Our investigations have uncovered overwhelming evidence of ivory traders in Hong Kong flouting licensing regulations and routinely replenishing their stocks with ivory laundered from recently poached African elephants. WildAid is a leading voice in urging Hong Kong policymakers to shutter the local trade. (Click here to view undercover footage from the investigation.) 

Ivory Protest, Hong Kong (Alex Hofford)


2. Educating consumers to reduce the demand for ivory. 


WildAid's campaign to reduce consumer demand for ivory in China is reaching millions of people and changing their views on ivory, with a roster of iconic ambassadors such as Prince William, Yao Ming, David Beckham and Li Bingbing, China's most famous actress. We leverage your support to secure pro bono broadcast airtime and placement for our PSAs and billboards from dozens of media partners in China, worth $197 million for all our campaigns in 2015.

As a result, public awareness of the elephant poaching crisis has grown rapidly, and an overwhelming majority of the Chinese public supports government action to end the trade. WildAid has expanded this campaign to Thailand, and next month we're launching a US initiative against the domestic illegal wildlife trade, with ivory a primary focus. 


3. Empowering the people of Africa to protect wildlife. 


Poaching Steals from Us All: That's the message of our new campaigns in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa starring pro athletes, musicians and national opinion leaders. We're working to build public and political support for the conservation of elephants, rhinos, lions and other magnificent animals. 


WildAid is fighting on multiple fronts to save elephants. That's why your support is more crucial than ever. Will you join us with a contribution to protect elephants for future generations?