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'On Sharks & Humanity' Opens in Beijing

We are thrilled to sponsor the Chinese exhibition of On Sharks & Humanity, featuring groundbreaking works from Chinese contemporary artists on behalf of global shark conservation.

Premiering late last week in Beijing, On Sharks & Humanity is the National Museum of China’s first exhibit with an environmental theme, according to WildAid China. 

“I decided to use art to represent the concern towards sharks,” said George Wong, Parkview Arts Action’s founder and president who conceived of the exhibit. “I hope that at first people will sympathize with sharks, and then feel disgusted and sick towards the violence that is being exerted against them.” 

Chinese artists including Fan Xiaoyan, Fan Xueyi, Gao Xiaowu and Li Hui joined international contributors such as Thomas Schoos and photographer Mark Leong for the Beijing presentation. All the works explore our troubled relationship with sharks and the conservation measures needed to save this critical apex predator. 

On Sharks & Humanity debuted last year at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, followed by a stop in Moscow earlier this year. The exhibit is on display at the National Museum through September 27.

WildAid shark PSAs are shown on screens throughout the exhibit, and quotes urging attendees to say “No” to shark fin soup are painted on exhibit walls. 

Check out a video on the genesis of the collection below, as well as some of the works currently on display. 

Introduction to On Sharks & Humanity from Parkview Arts Action on Vimeo.