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Supporting Washington State's Initiative 1401 to Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade

WildAid is proud to support Initiative 1401, a campaign in Washington state to strengthen penalties on the criminal enterprises that buy and sell products made from endangered species.

While most of WildAid’s media messages to combat the illegal wildlife trade are broadcast overseas, the United States remains one of the world’s largest markets for ivory and other products. 

Some states, such as New York and New Jersey, have enacted laws to crack down on intrastate trade. Other state legislation currently is pending, including California’s AB 96 (also endorsed by WildAid), which would close longstanding loopholes that have allowed illegal ivory sales to flourish.  

Yet despite widespread public opposition to the wildlife trade, powerful special interests continue to lobby legislatures and Congress to oppose strengthening laws to protect elephants and other species.

Initiative 1401 will prohibit the sale, purchase and distribution of products made from a list of 10 vulnerable animals: elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, marine turtles, pangolins, sharks and rays.

If passed, Initiative 1401 could be a model for other states to fight the illegal wildlife trade. The YES on 1401 campaign is working directly in support of some of WildAid’s key objectives, including:

• Spreading the word to save Africa’s remaining elephants

• Supporting government actions to end the ivory trade

As we work to educate and persuade consumers in China, Vietnam and other nations, it’s time to end the illegal wildlife trade in the U.S., before it’s too late for elephants and other species.  

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