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Notes from the field: Commercialization of Shark Fins in Galapagos

On July 20th, Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, repealed Decree 2130 which prohibited the commercialization of shark fins and installed Decree 486.

High-End Chinese Media Outlet AirMedia Joins Hands with WildAid

WildAid and Beijing AirMedia Advertising Co., Ltd. launched a press conference today titled, "When We All Come Together, We Can Do Anything". The conference, held for the signing ceremony between the two parties, officially kicked off their committed collaboration on environmental and wildlife protection.

Sharks in the Soup, Says Conservation Group

A conservation group has warned that sharks could be extinct within a generation unless people lose their appetite for shark fin soup, Reuters reports.

WildAid today called on the Chinese government to act to protect several at-risk species - including Basking, Great White, and Hammerhead - which face increasing pressure as the country's taste for the soup grows with increased wealth.

Shah Rukh Champions the Cause of India’s Unsung Heroes - the Forest Guards

Forest guards risk their lives everyday, and many are seriously injured or die in the line of duty across India each year. Shah Rukh highlights the challenges faced by forest guards in protecting India's wildlife and forests, in an exclusive ACAP public service message.

"We can't be like him, but if we come together and stop buying products from endangered species, we can help him. When we all come together, we can do anything."- Shah Rukh Khan

Actress Kate Hudson Hair Care for a Cause

Hairstylist David Babaii and actress Kate Hudson have combined their passion for nature and beauty to create DAVID BABAII FOR WILDAID, an innovative new brand of professional haircare products and styling tools, with a percentage of the revenue from the line to benefit the global wildlife conservation organization WildAid.