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WildAid and Ministry of Agrilculture launch aquatic awareness month

WildAid launched a “National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Awareness Month.” Initiated by Ministry of Agriculture of China, the awareness campaign is the first of its kind in terms of scale (in over 20 provinces) and time (one month). It aims to educate and raise awareness of aquatic wildlife conservation among students in China.

All major aquariums across the country will participate in the month-long campaign, including those in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong SAR. Documentaries of shark, turtle and PSA featuring celebrities such as NBA star Yao Ming and Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing asking people to stop eating shark fin soup will be shown on screens inside the aquariums.

The fact that the Director General of the Bureau of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture, attended and spoke at the launch ceremony is an indication of the government's attitude towards aquatic wildlife conservation, which is positive towards shark conservation, considering the fact that China (including Hong Kong SAR) is both consumer and processor for the vast majority of the world’s shark fin trade.

So far, the launch and campaign has generated over 180 stories on Chinese mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, Beijing TV etc. and more is coming out. has a special page dedicated for the campaign over the month.

US Embassy Reception

The US Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. hosted a reception in honor of WildAid and the International Tiger Coalition on July 13 in Beijing to highlight the urgent need for further action to save the tiger in the wild in the Year of Tiger.

In his welcoming remarks, Ambassador Huntsman said, ‘Steve Trent is a great person, because he does a lot to make the world a better place… Steve Trent is the President and Founder of WildAid, which is doing remarkable work using media to cut demand for products made from threatened or endangered species.’

More than 80 guests from government, media and NGOs attended the reception, including representatives from ITC members (WWF, CI, and IFAW).