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WildAid Featured in August issue of Vanity Fair

In its August issue, Vanity Fair features a sixteen-page article entitled, “Agony and Ivory,” which depicts the extreme brutality and danger of the ever-growing Ivory Trade and its devastating impact on our world’s elephants. Long-time and highly acclaimed elephant conservationist, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, mentions WildAid’s vital work in the public awareness sector through partnerships with celebrity ambassadors such as Jackie Chan and Yao Ming.

In the article, WildAid Executive Director Peter Knights describes the recent surge in Ivory Trade as, “a combination of new money and old ideas. A huge bubble we’re trying to burst.” The article excerpt focuses on WildAid’s work and collaboration with the Chinese government in helping to educate Chinese citizens through numerous public outreach campaigns and public service announcements.

The article, in its entirety, can be viewed here.