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The Huffington Post

Last week, I caught up with Peter Knights, Executive Director of WildAid, to discuss law enforcement versus demand reduction.

"We spent trillions of dollars in the war on drugs, we have the most draconian of penalties including the death penalty, all the resources and sophisticated gear we could dream of, and it has been an epic failure," says Knights. "So why do we think -- using the smallest fraction of those resources -- we're going to win the war on poaching by solely investing in enforcement?"

Wall Street Journal


Will Chinese President Xi Jinping’s campaign to save the Communist Party end up saving the shark?

China’s consumption of shark fin soup is declining rapidly as young Chinese become more environmentally conscious and the government’s anticorruption campaign discourages showy banquets and conspicuous consumption.

Pacific Standard

There is one crucial point on which pro-wildlife groups agree: Long-term conservation will only occur if demand changes. WildAid, a relatively young conservation organization, targets demand through public awareness campaigns, wisely using native spokespeople like Chinese basketball star Yao Ming. Ming has lent his voice to social media campaigns and recently launched a petition calling for a Chinese ban on selling, importing, buying, transporting, and even carrying ivory.