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Win! Fourth Hong Kong Retailer Abandons the Ivory Trade

Our campaign against ivory has chalked up another victory in Hong Kong. The department store Chinese Goods Centre (CGCL) has announced that it will no longer sell elephant ivory in response to pressure from wildlife conservation advocates and lawmakers.

WildAid, Hong Kong for Elephants, and campaign partners African Wildlife Foundation and Save The Elephants, are campaigning for a government ban on the sale of all ivory and for retailers to abandon the trade. In November, Hong Kong for Elephants held a three-hour protest outside CGCL demanding that it halt sales of ivory products.

Hong Kong has a legal domestic trade in pre-1989 ban ivory. This legal market serves as a laundering mechanism for illegal ivory from Africa, where 33,000 elephants are killed for their tusks every year.

In response to a letter from lawmaker Elizabeth Quat, CGCL director Wong Chow Kuen-kuen wrote, "We are aware that a business ... should not only be about profit, it should also take on its social and conservation responsibility."

CGCL is the fourth major retailer to abandon the sale of Ivory in the past 12 months, following in the footsteps of Wing On, Yue Hwa and Chinese Arts & Crafts. WildAid campaigner Alex Hofford told the South China Morning Post that with most large department stores no longer selling ivory, it was high time for about 100 smaller "mom and pop" shops throughout Hong Kong to follow suit.

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