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U.S. Conservation Group WildAid Joins Shark-Fin Protest at Hong Kong Disneyland

U.S. conservation group WildAid joins shark-fin protest at Hong Kong Disneyland The U.S.-based conservation group WildAid has joined a campaign against Hong Kong Disneyland's plan to sell shark fin soup on its banquet menu at the park's hotel, the organization said Friday.

A WildAid statement accused Disneyland of being "hypocritical" by serving shark fin while saying it cares about the environment.

Project to Save Rare Deer Wins China Conservation Award

More than a century ago, as many animal species were hunted to extinction at the imperial hunting ground near Beijing, the rare Pere David's deer were saved because the Chinese royal court sent a few to Europe.

Today, the large, ruddy-colored deer, with antlers that look as though they have been placed on backward, are thriving in special reserves in central and northern China, thanks to a local conservation group that reintroduced the rare animal from a British sanctuary.

"Pick Up Your Defense" Carmelo Anthony Tells Animals

Denver Nuggets star and one of the hottest young NBA players, Carmelo Anthony gives endangered animals a voice by starring in a new WildAid public service announcement to raise awareness of the illegal demand for endangered species parts and products. The illegal wildlife trade, now estimated by Interpol to be worth $10 to 20 billion a year, has drastically reduced numerous wildlife populations and has some teetering on the brink of extinction – all because of growing consumer demand.

WildAid Launches First U.S. Based Effort With Public Awareness Campaign Starring Olympic Champions

WildAid, the international wildlife conservation organization that conducted a dramatic rescue last year of the animals at the Baghdad Zoo during the chaos of war, will launch its first U.S.-based public information campaign starring gold medal-winning Olympic athletes including Maurice Greene (100m gold medalist), Allen Johnson (110m Hurdles) Cathy Freeman (400m), Dwight Philips (Athens gold medal long jump), Hailie Gebreselassie (mid distance) and featuring a resonant message: “When we all come together, we can do anything.”

Sharks at Risk

Sixty feet under the blue Pacific, a glistening silver rocket snaked towards me and, even though I knew it would not harm me, a shiver ran down my spine. Richard, my dive buddy, had warned me, "Hold your breath or your bubbles will scare them away." But when faced with a Galapagos shark in the open sea at eye level for the first time, I felt a pressing need to breathe rapidly. It cruised to within a few feet as I tried to make myself inconspicuous among the rocks. Finally it glided away.