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Toronto's Shark Fin Ban - An Insider's Perspective

By Rob Sinclair, Executive Director, WildAid Canada

In the whirl of cheers, camera lights and microphones that followed Toronto Council’s 38 to 4 vote to ban the sale and possession of shark fin products; it became all too easy to forget the months of challenge that preceded it.

Toronto Passes Shark Fin Ban!

WildAid welcomes the news that Toronto City Council has voted to ban the sale and possession of shark fin, with a vote of 38-4. With a population of over 2.5 million, Canada’s largest city, the fifth largest in North America, Toronto is the largest market for shark products in the country.

Toronto's Largest Suburb Announces Shark Fin Ban

WildAid is thrilled by the news that the City of Mississauga has banned the sale and possession of shark fin. With a population of almost 800,000, it is the sixth largest city in Canada and the largest to pass a ban to date.

“Mississauga’s action is the latest positive step in the growing campaign to end this unsustainable trade,” said Rob Sinclair, Executive Director of WildAid Canada. “Mississauga’s leadership is the strongest example yet of a Canadian municipality taking action to counter this global threat.”

Governor Brown Signs California Shark Fin Ban into Law

Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 376 into law -- legislation that will ban the import, possession, and sale of shark fins in the state of California. Since California is one of the largest markets for shark fins outside of Asia, this act is a significant step toward increasing global protection of sharks and sustaining the health of our oceans.

An Insider’s Perspective on the Oregon Shark Fin Ban

When a great injustice is being done and when the rational pleas of compassionate people fail to persuade the perpetrators of the injustice to change their ways, and even when there is no shame public enough to change the behavior that causes the injustice, that is where the law begins.