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The Galapagos Archiplego's location, 600 miles off the West Coast of Ecuador, has resulted in the evolution of a unique ecosystem. A unique set of currents and trade winds also brought an unusual variety of plant species to the Islands. Over 20% of the terrestrial and marine species in the Galapagos Islands are found nowhere else on Earth. Approximately 444 fish, 150 bird, and 24 marine mammal species and 28,000 people inhabit the Galapagos Islands. 


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  • We, the undersigned, pledge to never knowingly purchase or consume products made from endangered species. 
  • We call upon world leaders to act immediately to eliminate the illegal trade in wildlife and devote far greater efforts to ensure the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas.
  • As a business owner and member of the gallery, arts, and antiques community, I will do my part to stop illegal wildlife trade and trafficking to ensure a future for people and vulnerable wildlife species.
  • I will never willingly buy or sell any illegal wildlife products, as I know that demand drives poaching and can devastate wildlife populations. I will be a committed advocate in support of bans on the sale or trade of illegal wildlife products across the United States.
  • I will educate my colleagues and customers about the need to stop wildlife crime in our country.
  • I understand that we cannot be the generation that allows elephants and dozens of other species to disappear or be pushed to the edge of extinction.
  • I pledge that I will not buy or sell ivory or any other illegal wildlife product, personally or professionally, and I will support conservation of wildlife species around the world.

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The WildAid Promise

Our campaigns focus on reducing the human threat to endangered species. These animals have existed on our planet for millions of years and usually sit at the top of their food chains with no natural predators – except humans. People are the problem – but people are also the solution.

Our network of supporters, partners, ambassadors, volunteers, and donors has a unified voice powerful enough to make a difference.

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