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A 13-year-old's Fight to Save Sharks, One Signature at a Time

Noah Pollock is a 13-year old 8th grader, who in April 2011 started a petition to ban the sale of shark products in Sudbury, Ontario, his hometown.


First intrigued by marine life and the ocean at age 3, Noah’s unique passion for the ocean took off when he was seven years old. Today Noah is a growing activist in the shark community and aspires to one day be a shark biologist or ichthyologist specializing in cartilaginous fish.

Toronto's Shark Fin Ban - An Insider's Perspective

By Rob Sinclair, Executive Director, WildAid Canada

In the whirl of cheers, camera lights and microphones that followed Toronto Council’s 38 to 4 vote to ban the sale and possession of shark fin products; it became all too easy to forget the months of challenge that preceded it.

Actress Bo Derek to join Mayor David Miller to make announcement on combating illegal trade in wildlife

Media representatives are advised that notedactress Bo Derek will join Toronto Mayor in making an announcement to combatthe illegal trade in wildlife. The announcement is being made against the backdrop of the Convention onthe International Trade in Endangered Species meetings in the Netherlands and will launch WildAid's ( Active Conservation Awareness Programin Canada.

Event: Launch of WildAid's ACAP program

Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2007 Time: 1:00 p.m. Local Time