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World Governments Reject Tiger Farming and Trade; A Victory for Wild Tigers, Coalition Says

Tigers should not be bred for trade in their parts, governments gathered here said today, approving a decision to strengthen conservation of wild tigers.

“This was a major victory for wild tigers, which could be quickly wiped out by poaching if there is a legal market anywhere,” said Uttara Mendiratta of Wildlife Protection Society of India, on behalf of the 35 member organizations of the International Tiger Coalition.

Shah Rukh Champions the Cause of India’s Unsung Heroes - the Forest Guards

Forest guards risk their lives everyday, and many are seriously injured or die in the line of duty across India each year. Shah Rukh highlights the challenges faced by forest guards in protecting India's wildlife and forests, in an exclusive ACAP public service message.

"We can't be like him, but if we come together and stop buying products from endangered species, we can help him. When we all come together, we can do anything."- Shah Rukh Khan

California Moves To Protect Sharks

California Assembly Members Paul Fong and Jared Huffman today introduced a bill to prohibit the sale of shark fins in California to the State Assembly. California is one of the largest sources of demand for shark fin outside Asia and this bill would represent a major step towards reducing pressure on shark populations. Furthermore the bill complements the ban introduced in both Hawaii and the Commonwealth of North Mariana Islands (CNMI) as well as restrictions established by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).