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One Step Closer to Victory

The California Senate passed Assembly Bill 376 today by a vote of 25 to 9. The bill, which previously passed the state Assembly by a vote of 65 to 8, effectively prohibits the sale, trade, and possession of shark fins within the state. Given his strong environmental record, Governor Brown is expected to sign this into law as soon as next week.

United States

Our San Francisco office serves as our global headquarters and the hub for our conservation activities worldwide. Our team develops PSAs, educational materials, research reports and collateral for distribution to schools, zoos, aquariums, wildlife groups, government agencies, non-profits, companies and service organizations. We arrange for speaking engagements, PSA distribution, footage release, and public relations activities to further raise awareness and vital funds necessary to successfully launch campaigns to reduce demand for wildlife products.


What is Shark Finning? (infographic)

WildAid and Kiki Karpus teamed up to create this infographic to explain the process of shark finning, the business of the trade, and why we should care.